How to Become a Commercial Driver

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Generally, if you are planning to be a commercial driver, you will need to have a Commercial Driver’s License. Becoming a commercial driver means you will play and portray a critical role. Furthermore, keep in mind that the demand for a commercial driver is high.

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Be a Commercial Driver

Following these steps will help you become a commercial driver. Here’s how:


To drive a CMV or Commercial Motor Vehicle, you’ll definitely need to get your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License – specifically in the DMV or Department of Vehicles in the state you are residing.


If you do not know how to drive a commercial vehicle on your own, there are many commercial vehicles driving school that you can enroll yourself. This will also serve as your training and will provide you additional knowledge to pass the licensure exam.


There are many jobs available for a commercial driver. What’s more important is to get your CDL or Commercial Driver’s License first. Grab every opportunity that’s coming along your way.

Getting a CDL is not only what you need to obtain, but also additional training like handling Haz-Mat or hazardous material, which you can also add to your CDL.

Commercial Driver Training is Important

If you think that showing yourself up at the DMV and pass the test in your state are enough to acquire a Commercial Driver’s License, well you are totally wrong. You cannot drive a commercial vehicle without having any proper training.

Usually, training for a commercial driver only takes about more or less 8 weeks.

  • Road & Range Operation – a total of 160 hours
  • Documentation, Operating Systems, and Vehicle Systems – a total of 72 hours
commercial drivers play a crucial role be mindful on how to become a commercial driver

Being a Commercial Driver Requires Lifetime Learning

If you will ask every professional commercial driver about the question – when did they stopped learning? Surely, no one will answer you a specific time or date. Instead, most of them will answer you that they are still learning. There are many things to learn to when it comes to becoming a commercial driver – and driving a commercial vehicle is not enough. You must learn about extreme driving conditions, hazard avoidance, fuel conservation, air brakes, and communication technology.

As a commercial driver, your effort and hard work are the most needed factors in order to be the best and master this kind of career.